“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  -Eric Hoffer




If you enjoy reading posts from people who have two unsuccessful attempts at graduate school under their belt, you will love these posts!

I am hoping to explore how culture affects the rapidly changing face of American Evangelicalism (AE) in a post-Moral Majority country.  Most of what I intend to write about will be centered around the importance of multicultural church communities and how we tackle the challenges of the world around us.

The fastest growing demographic in AE is the Latino population.  As our community continues to grow, we will have more interaction with our White, Black, Asian and African brothers.  As we continue to wade through the murky waters of a multicultural America, I believe that the Latino community has a important role to play in changing the face of AE for the better.  I would like to contribute my voice as someone who grew up between the Latino and Anglo Pentecostal traditions.

I married my best friend who happens to be a wonderful nurse and one of the most discipline, self-determined people I know.  We have been married for over eight years and currently have no children.  Education took our five-year plan and turned it into an eight-year plan.  We moved down to Springfield, MO where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology.  We attend a wonderful multicultural church who have become our family to add on to the wonderful people we left behind in Wisconsin (miss ya’ll)!


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